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EMCO Building Products, Inc. General Architectural Specifications

EMCO Master Alloy® aluminum building products are manufactured for residential
and light commercial exterior building applications. Products are manufactured in the U.S.A. EMCO Master Alloy® aluminum products will be covered by a Lifetime
Pro-Rated Transferrable Limited Warranty.

Master Alloy® Aluminum products shall be made from 3105 or equivalent aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a building product grade, tension leveled coil stock, specifically produced to be rollformed in a consistent manner. All aluminum used for coating is produced in accordance to the Aluminum standards and data 1993 edition. The ASTM standards have been approved for use by government agencies.

0.032” nominal - Polyester/PVC gutter coil

Characteristics of Polyester Finish
Polyester baked enamel finish applied to the substrate has a dry film
thickness of 0.80 - 1.00 mills. Accelerated and physical testing has indicated
that this finish meets color, gloss, film thickness, and other specification
guidelines as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the National Coil Coaters Association.

Meets or exceeds the following test results
1. Pencil Hardness- F minimum, Eagle Turquoise. (NCCA 11-12)
2. Impact Resistance- Coil coating withstands at least 1 1/2 times gauge of metal, both direct and indirect, without cracking or loss of adhesion. (NCCA 11-6)
3. Adhesion- No lifting of coating between 1/8” cross-hatch scribe lines using scotch tape either before or after impact. (NCCA 11-5)
4. Metal Marking Resistance- A black mark is not visible when a nickel is scrapped across the painted product.
5. Humidity Resistance- No blistering, loss of adhesion, or discoloration after 1,000 hours exposure to 100% relative humidity ASTM D-714 and FTMS 141.
6. Salt Spray Resistance- Withstands a 5% salt solution for 1,000 hours. ASTM B-117 and FTMS 141.
7. Weathering Resistance- Withstands three years outdoor exposure in South Florida, at a 45 degree angle facing south and / or 5 years outdoor exposure in South Florida vertically facing south without checking, cracking, blistering, splitting or peeling; nor show chalking in excess of No. 6 ASTM
D-659 nor show fading in excess of 5 NBS units.
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